Welcome to SPILL (SPeaking Intelligently, Ladies Lead)

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What Is SPILL?

SPILL – (SPeaking Intelligently, Ladies Lead).

It’s a speaking platform for women to share their stories and ideas of value with the rest of the world.

Empowering narratives that upturn societal stereotypes and create social equilibrium. That is SPILL.



We are coming with the depth and spread of the ocean; with stories and ideas that lift your spirit from the floor.

We are coming with a million voices of Africa’s productive tribe; women upon whose mind highways the world travels into her future.

Trust us to SPILL. We have so much to say that will change the tired and jaded narratives of the present.

Soon our platform would be in all notable cities of Africa. From thence, we shall be SPILLing it all. And you should be there to take all the juice.


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Telephone : +234 909 000 5297

Email: spillplatform@gmail.com

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SPILL 2.0 – POSSIBILITY OF TRANSFORMATION SPILL IN LAGOS … October 8, 2017 already has a distinguished place in history as it midwifed the special speaking platform, SPILL, designated for women in Africa to share their stories and ideas of value. Fifteen notable women with significant narratives took to the stage one after the other …

Wanna Spill?

SPILL is a speakers’ platform exclusively reserved for women to share their stories and ideas of value. So, if you love TED Talk or The Moth, you would looooove SPILL. Get ready, a SPILL event is coming your way very soon. Wanna SPILL? For enquiries, participation and attendance, kindly fill your details below