SPILL, an acronym for SPEAKING INTELLIGENTLY, LADIES LEAD is an emerging prestigious platform for women of Africa to share their stories and ideas of value with the world. 

The platform which promotes intelligent fun is the answer to the yearnings of the creative space to discover different shades of women voices with the potential for societal impact

SPILL is a pan African platform brimming with the zest to befriend major African cities soon.

Starting with a Red-Carpet event that segues into the high-octane performance of the speakers, the evening is powered by the intermingling adrenaline of knowledge seekers and value purveyors.

About 500 women and women lovers are expected at the event.

Scripted Event


The SPILL event is a five-hour scripted event parading all women speakers sharing their personal stories and ideas that are reflective of the theme.

Speaking Platform


The speaking platform which provides learning, information, entertainment and inspirational values is designed to also broaden the scope of women participation in shaping society through inspiring narratives and sound discourse.

Strategic Networking


The event provides room for networking at strategic points whilst the highlight remains the stage that shows off the individual and collective wisdom and intelligence of featuring speakers.

Why Should You Attend Spill?


Ever attended an event powered by the combined adrenaline of gorgeous knowledge seekers and masterful value purveyors? This is that event. You will be settled in the atmosphere of inspiration, information, fun learning and purposeful entertainment at a SPILL event.

Of course, there’d be a lot to go away with that can transform your personal and corporate vision. That is what happens when 7 delicious female brains dish out value from their hearts.

Plus there’s room for networking, friendship and more.

Why Spill?

Discover And Project

To discover and project new female voices, stories and ideas, from all over Africa, that have the potential to impact on individuals and the society. 

Platform That Nurtures

To offer a platform that nurtures established female voices that ring with fresh ideas.

Create New Narratives

To create new narratives that reflect the other significant side of society and human composition (female perspective), thus achieving societal equilibrium. 

Art of Storytelling

To promote the art of intelligent storytelling and personal confidence

Learning & Entertainment

To create a new hub for learning and entertainment as well as the exchange of potent ideas.


Meet Our Speakers

The theme of the third edition of SPILL is FRIENDSHIPS, INFLUENCES, AND PROGRESS. Through personal stories and the resource of history as well as researched studies, the speakers will share on a wide spectrum of topics that make the connection between friendships and progress.

This edition will feature speakers drawn from different generations of women, thus giving rich perspectives that cover a wide spectrum of experiences and realities.

In short, we are putting the spotlight on the idea or concept of friendship and the overall impact it has on participants in that “sweet contraption”.

By the time the curtain falls, perhaps we would have succeeded in making the audience rethink this great idea, concept, thought, practice or whatever you fancy it to be and find ways to draw value and give value in ways that sustain our humanity.

Real Life Stories 100%
Inspiring 100%
Revealing 100%
Exciting 100%

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