October 8, 2017 already has a distinguished place in history as it midwifed the special speaking platform, SPILL, designated for women in Africa to share their stories and ideas of value.

Fifteen notable women with significant narratives took to the stage one after the other to swell the knowledge base of a full capacity hall of men and women. Working the theme of the evening, The Possibility of Transformation, into a fine tapestry, each speaker left the audience in an increasingly heightened state of exhilaration.

Spill In Lagos: Cross-section of Speakers at SPILL
Speakers at SPILL 2.0

The sheer novelty of an all women speaking platform met with the rich welcome of a satisfied audience that was active to the very end of event. The body language of the audience was telling of an unwillingness to let go of an evening of so much learning, inspiration and fun.

Many of the attendees spoke in superlatives about SPILL, eager to know when and where the next event would be.

Dates and venue for the next SPILL event would be announced soon.

Spill In Lagos: Some Attendees pose with Some Speakers
SPILL Speakers and Attendees


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